Text 7 Mar 1,993 notes Your muse discovers mine on the floor clutching their stomach. Your muse tries to comfort mine, asking what’s wrong, when suddenly my muse throws up blood. What’s your muses reaction.
Text 7 Mar 502 notes Send me a “;)” and my muse will share one thing they find sexually attractive about yours
Text 6 Mar 7,846 notes My muse has been kidnapped for experimental ‘research.’ After months of searching, yours has finally found mine. How does your muse react to the condition mine is in?
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thelastofthebertinellis asked: ff+ Superboy

"Wait… Conner or Chris…. either way… I’ve had worse options…"

Text 6 Mar 6,797 notes Send me “ff+” and a character name and my character will react to finding and reading a graphic and sex-filled fanfiction of themselves and that character.


requested by anonymous as reversal to this meme.

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brainiacsdaughter asked: Iris. Iriiiisssss. Iris pay attention to me.



What sort of attention?

I don’t know.

I’m bored and I want to beat things up. You usually like that kind of stuff.

Am I really so predictable.

Who should we beat up?

via XTC.
Text 6 Mar 26,307 notes What is the kinkiest thing your muse wants to do to mine? Bonus points if you’re as descriptive as possible and can make them blush.
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brainiacsdaughter asked: Iris. Iriiiisssss. Iris pay attention to me.

What sort of attention?

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theliteralflyinggrayson asked: Dear Person I Like

Dear Person I Like,

Why are you so fucking perfect. Fuck you.

I love you,


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theliteralflyinggrayson asked: Dear Best Friend

Dear Mar’i and Lian, (Because right, like I’m picking between you two.)

I believe I owe you both an apology. I know I’ve been gone for an awful long time and you must both be furious with me. (Don’t deny it, I know you both too well and therefore, I know your tempers) I want to say I’m coming home to stay soon, but you know I’m not one to make false promises. Please be safe.

Love, with all my heart,


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